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OAC DV 3D visualization plugin


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Having the ability to produce 3d Visualizations. Currently, the 3d plugin is available in public Demos. We would like to see the plugin on the OAC Visualization extension library.

Public Demo:

Workbook "OAC HomeRun Statcast" Canvas "3d pitch"

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

This Visualization helps the user experience, to watch using 3D glasses.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

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  • We will check if it is possible to place the existing plug-in in the library. To do that we will need to make sure it passes a license review to make sure that there are no licenses involved that prevent distribution. If it is not already there, I assume that it failed the legal review for public distribution.

    Given that plug-ins can be created by anyone, the idea to create plug-ins or post plug-ins is not something that the product team will get involved with, as such, it is declined.