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Hide column(s) based on a condition - Pivot View


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We need to have an ability to hide columns in the pivot view based on a condition. This will be helpful to achieve complex reporting format requirements of various customer. E.g. Shown in the screenshot below

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Like in the report below which use pivot view, there are YTD columns highlighted in green. These columns needs to be displayed only for the last period of the qtr which is period 6 (Jul-21 ) as shown in the sample below in purple. But for the earlier periods, the YTD columns should not to be displayed at all. We have put an implicit criteria to not show values for the earlier periods. However, it would be useful, if there is a way to hide columns from not showing in the display if the data criteria is not met. E.g. for columns highlighted in green below

Since we are using pivot view, its currently not possible to hide/suppress the columns based on conditions.

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