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Ability to deliver report output to Oracle/AWS Object Storage as delivery destination


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Agent (obi delivers) feature which will allow to deliver report with output delivery destination as Oracle Object Storage Bucket/AWS buckets with the ability to configure storage buckets by the admin. When the report is configured to run as per the report delivery schedule , the agent should use object storage credentials of the user to deliver the reports to the pre-configured buckets.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

This feature will allow business users to store all the delivered reports (usually large sized files) in a storage medium which can also be a single point of reference for all the historical reports. Currently, such reports are either stored in the users share-point server or any other storage medium outside of the reporting tool.

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  • It is possible to deploy a SOAP web service outside of OAC, then invoke this web service through an Action that runs as part of the Agent.

    Many years ago we used to have a sample web service for this. We no longer have that sample, but it's still possible. You will have to code the web service yourself so that it accepts the output of the agent as an object.

    I just tried it myself....I used this code to create the web service:

    package project1;

    import javax.jws.WebMethod;

    import javax.jws.WebResult;

    import javax.jws.WebService;






    public class SaveToFile



      public SaveToFile() 




      public String archiveReport(String filename, javax.activation.DataHandler report) throws FileNotFoundException,

                                         IOException { 




       File f = new File(filename);

       FileOutputStream outputStream = new FileOutputStream(f);




       return "Report Archived";


  • Thank you, Much appreciate your response.

    Yes, it is possible to achieve via coding as a post agent step where there needs to be an intermediate steps to process and move the file to a stage before uploading to the target location.

    It would be nice to have a no code solution in OACS where the customers will be able to configure themselves like how its done today for other delivery options like email etc.