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OAS 6.4 - "Internal Error" while saving DV Dataset


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Hi Team,

We are using OAS 6.4 to provide analytics platform to many of the HSGBU customers, in one of the customer we found a issue in DV Dataset where while saving the dataset, one alert box prompted with error message as "Internal Error".

While debug the issue we found that, each preparation step of DV Dataset gets converted into a JSON code and that JSON code stores in one BI Platform table i.e. S_NQ_DSS_DATASET_ATTRS field VALUE. Now the field VALUE is VARCHAR2 (4000) and the generated JSON code is gets more than 4000 characters which leads the Dataset Save failed.

We escalate this issue with support with SR# "3-32354855551" and demo them the issue and created Bug "35168010". But received the response to limit / reduce the no of columns / steps from the Dataset. But it is not a solution / fix to this issue.

At least can we change the datatype of the fields to CLOB if it doesn't break the functionality to OAS or any upcoming release for this fix ? If not, please consider this idea as request to add the fix of this issue as it is a critical application issue.

Use Case and Business Need (Required):

Using OAS 6.4 to deliver critical BI reports to the customers. Customer using these report to present /submit their data/research to the authorities.

This issue is a blocker now for one of the HSGBU customer Analytics platform development.

Enhancement Request / Service Request:

Service Request: 3-32354855551

Bug: 35168010

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  • Michal Zima
    Michal Zima ✭✭✭✭✭

    This is definitely bug and I should be treated it in such way- thus pushing/escalating back to Support/Development. You have to be very "steely" in communication . There is always tendency from Development to claim, that "bug is a feature" or propose you "workaround", which is pretty useless (like in your case). Fingers crossed for negotiations with Development.