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Conditional page break between tables

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Conditional page break between tables



I have desgining a BIP template for a Customer Invoice. The layout of the invoice has multiple tables. In the first table I have the customer information. In the second table  I show the line details of the invoice for 11 lines only.

Then I want to page break

Thereafter I have a third table that shows the line details of the invoice for all lines after line11. So let say line 12, 13,14 & 15.

Thereafter the last table is just the totalling of the invoice.

Now right at the top I have a FOR EACH Txn and at the end I have a end-for

Everything works well except the page does not break. I am using the following statement for the page break.

<?if:count(./LIST_G_LINE/G_LINE)> 11?><?split-by-page-break:?><?end if?>

Please can someone advise me on this.




  • Chez
    Chez ✭✭✭

    Hi Brajesh

    Thank you for your response. I am not sure I understand this method. One invoice could have 5 lines ones or maybe the next time it could have 7 lines or the next it could have 25..... so how many lines do I put into the footer?? Please can you advise.



  • As you mentioned you need 11 lines to print if customer header detail you are printing in the top of line table. So add the number of lines in footer to restrict body size to print only 11 lines.

         Number of lines in footer depends on your page one by one you need to add lines and check the lines in body. In this method no need to bother if number of lines are more than 11 or less than 11. Layout body will automatically break if line is more than 11.



  • Hi ,

    In this case you need to adjust the space in the page body in such a way that it can only take 11 lines. and if next line come it should go on next page.

    You can see from the below template I have some table in the footer(its hidden table for understanding I have highlighted the table borders) that table controls the body space. So In the footer I have number of rows in table such a way that in the page body only 11 rows should appear.

    So my final layout

    <?start body?>

    <for - customer header>

    <customer detail table---------------------------------------------------------------------->

    <For-each : customer line detail---------------customer detail in table layout ---------------><?end for each customer line?>

    <----------------------Customer line summary table------------------------->

    <page break>

    <end for each customer header>

    insert table rows in footer to control the number of rows in body

  • Chez
    Chez ✭✭✭

    Thank you Brajesh... I got this working using your method... eventually figured it out.... :-)