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Hi! I use CustomMapViz plugin for Oracle DVD. How can I do clusters fot cities on the map?

So, the first picture describe what i have and the second describe what i want to have.



  • Hey Os, 

    Sorry for the overdue response to your question, but I have just joined the team and like to help you! 

      • Oracle Spatial Studio is our self-service web application that makes it easy for users to create interactive maps and perform spatial analysis on their business data. 
      • It's a great user-friendly app specially designed for business users with little or no hashtagGIS / Spatial knowledge to make the most of the powerful spatial features from Oracle Database.
      • It offers a very intuitive user interface to leverage complex spatial calculations with your data, even if from on local excel files, and to incorporate spatial analysis into any other app and workflows.
      • Check out all the blogs pertaining to spatial and map visualizations


    Hope this helped,