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If then else statement for from and to dates

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If then else statement for from and to dates


Hi Guru's

I need to build a template that will apply if-then-else statement based upon a the transaction date that lies between a start emp rate date and a end emp rate date. i.e. A record will have a transaction date of 03/07/2017 and it will have an start emp rate date of 01/07/2017 with a end emp rate date of 08/07/2017 and it will have a start job rate date of 14/08/2017 and a end job rate date of 20/08/2017. Based upon this I need to select a value that lies in the emp override rate, when the transaction date falls between emp rates or the job override rate when it falls between the job rate dates otherwise choose the discounted contract rate.

I therefore expect it to select the emp rate.

How do I put this into a if-then-else statement.

Please can you assist.