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XML Bursting Program Error

Received Response


XML Bursting Program Error


Hi All,


I'm trying to use XML Bursting.


Ran the Request -XML Publisher Report Bursting Program


Encountered below error :


XDOBURSTREP module: XML Publisher Report Bursting Program



Current system time is 16-FEB-2018 15:49:56




XML/BI Publisher Version :

Updating request description

Retrieving XML request information

Preparing parameters

Set Bursting parameters..

Bursting propertes.....

{user-variable:cp:territory=US, user-variable:cp:ReportRequestID=71691139, user-variable:cp:language=en, user-variable:cp:responsibility=51604, user-variable.OA_MEDIA=, burstng-source=EBS, user-variable:cp:DebugFlag=N, user-variable:cp:parent_request_id=71691139, user-variable:cp:locale=en-US, user-variable:cp:user=VHARISH, user-variable:cp:application_short_name=XDO, user-variable:cp:request_id=71691183, user-variable:cp:org_id=83, user-variable:cp:reportdescription=BBB ASN Reconciliation Report, user-variable:cp:Dummy for Data Security=Y}

Start bursting process..

Bursting process complete..

Generating Bursting Status Report..


ZIP file must have at least one entry ZIP file must have at least one entry


at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.cp.JCP4XDOBurstingEngine.zipOutputFiles(

at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.cp.JCP4XDOBurstingEngine.runProgram(

at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.Run.main(




Attached by Bursting File.Please let me know if something should be changed.



  • This can happened due to

    1. Ouput Post Processor not running : Check with DBAs if its running fine

    2. Template Not getting picked up : If template not picked up report generate XML output with warning. Check in the Reuest Option its shows template name or not?

    3. Junk character in XML : If XML contains junk character then also OPP will fail to generate output. Please save the XML and open in mozila to see if there is any junk characters in XML

    4. Also check Busting path provided Under XML Publisher Administrator > Administrator >  General > Path is correct and the path physically exists in application server

  • I gave the Location wrong .Modified and then it worked.