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How to acheive master detail report relationship in Single canvas using DVD

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How to acheive master detail report relationship in Single canvas using DVD


I am trying to create a Master Detail report similar to OBIEE in DVD.



To create a quadrant type report in a single canvas and to achieve the following requirements.



Let's take an example



Report name: Expenses Analysis



Let us assume we have Years, Period, Amount (Value) and Category as Attribute members.



If we select a particular year (say 2017) from the first quadrant, it should display all periods of the year in second quadrant.

Then if we select particular period (say June),it should display the respective year , month and corresponding

category (say,Employee expenses) in the third quadrant of same canvas.



Is it possible to acheive this in DVD. If yes, please guide me the steps


  • Hi 3234547 (you can change it to your name or a handle),

    Have you looked at the 'use as a filter' capability of the viz? I should allow you to do that, it is on the context menu for the viz.



    Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 10.39.11 AM.png

  • Hi Gabby,

    We have already used this functionality in DVCS.

    But for our requirement,

    By selecting a particular year on the first quadrant report ,the year should pass as filter to second quadrant report.

    By selecting any Month on the second quadrant it should dynamically pass both the Year and Month as filter to Third Quadrant report.

    Please refer the attached report screen shot for reference.



  • Did this achieve your objective? (if the image below does not show, just click on the big white space...)


  • Hi Gabby,

    Thank you very much for your quick response.

    Please find attached screenshot for your reference.

    As per your solution by clicking on the years, years should pass as filter to second and third quadrant.

    Then, by Clicking Rating, rating should pass as filter to first and third quadrant.

    But we got stuck with this on achieving the same. Can you please guide us through the steps to achieve the requirements.SR.png

  • Hi Vaigunthan,

    I believe the final outcome is the close (with one exception).

    • Assuming the first quadrant chart have years, selecting a year will pass it both to the second and third quadrant.
    • Assuming the second quadrant chart have months, selecting a month will pass the month to both first and third quadrant.

    The final outcome is that third is filtered by both year and month. The difference from your requirement is that month was passed to the first one as well.

    BTW, the image does not have months on the 2nd chart.