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Create Report using Webservices

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Create Report using Webservices


Dear Team,

Apologies for my ignorance.

I am an ADF developer working with fusion integration's.I have used Bi Report webservices(ExternalReportWSSService) to Run Report through webservices in ADF and able to view the Output!

Now I have an requirement to Create Report in Oracle BI publisher where the same ExternalReportWSSService Provides me a method CreateReport with below parameters










I just need to Know how data model can be created in Bi Report to achieve my Requirement. (if Possible Steps to create Data model where it accepts Data from Webserice XliffData)

and any XLIFFDATA Template/samples

for Ex:I just want to Create a Bi Report of showing a Empno and Empname

1)is it possible to create report through webservice(hopefully yes from above Webservies)

2)how data model can be created to achieve my requirement?

3)how Xliffdata should be framed?

Thanks in Advance