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I'm a newbie and am not sure I am in the correct place for asking this question, but I'll give it a shot! I'm wondering if any one else has experienced some of the below problems while creating reports in BI Answers and how they were corrected.

I have developed a AP check register report in BI Answers.  I have one of the columns in the group section so I can have a separate page for each bank account.  (At first I also had the date of payment in the group section to appear with the bank heading, but results were inconsistent, so I moved it back out.)

1)  When I used a date range and exported the report as PDF (either Nitro or Adobe), after the first couple of pages, it all of sudden it duplicates, from a previous page, some of the check numbers and amounts, then a few pages later does it again.  (I had to run it for each day, rather than a range to get it correct.)

2) It produces a "header" page in the Pdf (shows the name of the report and nothing else on the page).

3) I can't figure out how to get the header (bank account) to show on each subsequent page for a single bank (would be nice to have a page number as well).