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move dv content to new laptop ---from old laptop

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move dv content to new laptop ---from old laptop



I am in the process of moving off my old laptop and want to move my DV stuff to the new laptop.

Any advice on how to move the whole enchilada over?  I don't want to have to export each data set and project individually?

I guess what I am asking is where are the files stored?  In tableau all the files you need are in the path of  /user/documents / tableau repository....

Does DV have something like that buried somewhere?





  • Try this:

    In DV create a backup folder

    copy all your projects and folders into that folder

    export the backup folder to .dva file

    to export it you need to click on the menu options of the folder and select share then select file.

  • If you copy the /appdata/local/DVDesktop file and move that across to your new laptop, I believe that all of your projects will move across.

    If you don't know how to get to that location use Win+R and type appdata and just click through .