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catalog field XML (no hardcoding allowed)

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catalog field XML (no hardcoding allowed)


Hello community,


actually I'm creating a PDF report out of a XML file. The XML file is stored as CLOB in the database.


Unfortunately there are catalog fields in the XML data (For example: ES instead of Spain, M instead of Male). The final report should print out the full name. There exist some lookup tables in a database where I can find the connection of ES and Spain and so on.


I'm not allowed to hardcode this in the report by using conditional formats because lookup tables change from time to time and the owner of the report doesnt want to change the report then. Instead I need some sort of connection in the data model.


When I use SQL queries it is easy. I would make a SQL query for my data table and another SQL query for my lookup table and finally connect those two queries in my data model. However my data source is XML here and the whole XML file is 1 field in the data model. I can't differentiate between data fields in the XML and thus I cant connect fields with their lookups.


Data model.png


What I want is something like that here:

Data model2.png


Is there any possibility to do it in that way?


I hope, I've made my problem clear.