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Alias support in Oracle DVD

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Does Oracle DVD support aliases of a data set


Does Oracle DVD support creation of an alias on a data set.

I want the same table to joined multiple times. Example the day dimension can be joined with Order Line based on Shipped Date or Scheduled Ship Date or Customer Request Date.

Does Oracle DVD allow me to add the day dimension data set once and then alias it multiple times ? (I am looking for functionality which is similar to how we have in OBI RPD)


Thank you.



  • FPonte
    FPonte ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Manav.

    I don't think is possible as once you add a data set to a Project you won't be able to add it again with a different name.

    The only way I see to achieve this is to create another data set based on the same table and make it work as a "Role Playing" data set. Basically you will make this new Role Playing Data Set work as the Logical Dimension in the Logical Layer in OBIEE. You can then make the different joins in the Data Diagram.



  • I agree with Fernando, that there is not OOTB functionality available with in DVD.

    Other option is to use Data Flow and create a new data set and store it in the database and use it.