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Rearrange the data elements



I am a beginner in using ODV and  I want to analyze a financial report.However, I have an issue in the preparing data stage which shows the unnecessary data like number of years in data elements and hide the major headlines with no name as shown in the attached images. 

Note that the report list the titles like ( revenue, profit, cost of goods sold, ...etc) as rows and flowed by their sub-titles. 

please guide. 




  • Hi,

    I am guessing your source is a file ie not connected to a database.

    If the data source is file - Oracle docs clearly mentions that you can only use .xlsx or CSV or Text files.

    In case of Excel files that data source should have -

      - content in data-oriented way, no pivot tables

    - must have a regular layout with no gaps or inline heading

    - Row1 must contain column names

    - Row2 onwards should contain data -

    If you reformat the data source in ODV compatible way you should be able to visualize the content easily.


    Mahesh K

  • "Please guide" ? Guide you to ... what?

    You used an Excel file as source, but your excel file isn't a dataset, it is a formatted file (containing at least a pivot but more probably something really formatted), right?

    That's not what a datasource is supposed to be, an Excel file used for DVD is more just a table, without any formatting and as Mahesh K said, composed by columns with headers etc.

    So use an appropriate source or format your Excel first to be a datasource and not a report.

  • FPonte
    FPonte ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ruqaya.

    Sorry but I don't think you will be able to do much with the file you have as it looks like is already in a reporting format.

    You may need to prepare the data to a more tabular view before using in DV. Even before using Data Flows withing Oracle DV.

    If you want to improve you skills on Oracle DV check this.

    Oracle® Fusion Middleware User’s Guide for Oracle Data Visualization Desktop

    Best of luck.


  • Thank you for your valued comment. How can I reformat the data in ODV? 


  • thank you for you valuable comment. 


    Thank you for your valuable comment. Yes, I noticed later the data sheet was already formatted. 

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