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I am a beginner in using ODV and i need to prepare a HR report but I don't have any experieI

I want to prepare a HR report using ODV but i don't have any experience neither ODV nor HR. i would appreciate if you can mention some videos, documents and the most important is providing me a HR report use ML. 


  • Why do you want to use ML in your HR report?

    First thing is that there isn't a thing called "HR report", you can display a random number which is the headcount and that's already a HR report in a way.

    For ODV you better google that as there are various blog posts, videos both from Oracle and 3rd parties covering ODV.

    And you maybe want to download DVD and start playing with it, looking at the examples provided etc. Just don't expect a "next, next, next, done" approach neither for ODV or HR, it requires some extra efforts.

  • FPonte
    FPonte ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Ruqaya.

    As Gianni mentioned it will be good to download Oracle DV Desktop and start playing with it.

    There are examples on the Internet on HR Reports.

    Check this blog from Eric Van Vulpen as it may help.

    What is an HR Dashboard & HR Report? Examples, Visuals and a How-To

    Again get yourself immersed in the tool but most important you need to understand a bit of the data and the subject you want to tell a story about.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards.



  • Hello Ruqaya,

    you can find a simple training workshop about ML in Oracle DV in this playlist 

    See the second worskhop on the list. The data can be downloaded from, look in the tutorials page.

    hope that helps