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Oracle Data Visualization:Exporting or downloading a table in pivot format

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Exporting a table in Pivot Format


Hi All,

I am new to Oracle Data visualization.We have created a Pivot Table report in Oracle data visualization and we need to export it into excel file in same format. The challenge we are facing is that when we export it into csv file it gets converted into unpivoted form.

Is there any way that we can achieve this requirement or is there any separate tool specially to create these kind of reports in Oracle






  • Hi Bhargav,

    Looks like there is no option to export the pivot table in to Excel format.  You can only export in CSV, PDF , PPT , ODV package formats.

    The question is -  what is that you want to do by exporting data to excel.  The tool ODV is equipped with capabilities that allows users to analyse data with in the tool.  What additional requirements is forcing you to upload to excel?


    Mahesh K

  • Mark_Daynes
    Mark_Daynes ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Bhargav,

    I believe Mahesh is correct that it will not port like that.  It's something that i've never seen it do.  

    Can I ask though .... can you add some more detail to this as I'm not quite sure what you are looknig for "....or is there any separate tool specially to create these kind of reports in Oracle"?

  • A pivot table by its form and design can hardly be expressed as a CSV.

    CSV is for pure data exports. And not formatted data!

  • Hi Mark ,

    Thanks for replying 

    I have earlier worked on QlikSense where they have a separate tool called Nprinting specially meant for creating  excel ,pdf or ppt reports. So I was thinking that whether  there is simliar kind of tool in Oracle Data Visualization




  • May be you should consider using "Analytics Classic" if you are on cloud, which is OBIEE 12c on Cloud.  OR OBIEE 11 or 12c version on-premise. where you will have more flexibility on the exports



  • Mark_Daynes
    Mark_Daynes ✭✭✭✭

    Well, Oracle of course have a lot of tools available and it all depends 'what you need to do'.  For example, I've used SmartView to connect Excel to a subject area and show the capbility of creating a pivot in Excel based on BI data.  So, pulling data and structures rather than pushing.  I've always gone back to the customer to find out what is the business problem they are trying to resolve though - you can do a lot without exporting.

  • Amen. Amen to that so much.

    Stubborn insistence on any one, given tool results at best in poor, suboptimal workarounds and at worst in unmaintainable hacks.

    Right tool for the right job. Answers, BIP, DV, SmartView...the options are legion.