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Roles needed for viewing data when connecting to HCM from Oracle Analytics Cloud

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Roles needed for viewing data when connecting to HCM from Oracle Analytics Cloud


I am trying to connect to our Oracle HCM instance and view data.I have connect successfully and I can see the subject areas.

I requested the Oracle HCM admin to assign the roles indicated in the support document below.

However, I do not see any data when I query folders. I am looking for some documentation that walks me through the various set ups i would need to do in HCM to successfully analyze data within Oracle Analytics Cloud. Can anyone point me to a tutorial or a quickstart guide? 

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  • hi Manav, we are facing issue with the connection itself. We've created a custom role with BIImpersonate role but still not able to see the subject areas.

    Can you please guide us?

  • Hi @Sumedh Kumar Parandkar ,

    I doubt you will get a reply, mostly because the user who posted the question never connected to this forum after the content migration.

    You better create a new question, providing all the details (product name, what you did, what you are trying to do, what document are you following etc.) to get replies.

    By the way, if you are asking about Fusion Analytics Warehouse for HCM (or the new name it has that I can't remember) or OTBI, please post on those categories (in the "Categories" menu on top you can find OTBI inside "More Solutions").

  • Thanks @Gianni Ceresa! Fwiw, the product name is Fusion HCM Analytics. :)

    My question for you, @Sumedh Kumar Parandkar, is what is your use case? Asking because it'd be good to understand if you might want to use Fusion HCM Analytics, which has a prebuilt data pipeline, or if your scenario is better suited to continuing with OAC. Thanks, Emily