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Authorization options in OAC

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Authorization options in OAC


We are planning on moving from on-premise OBIEE to OAC and have SQL Provider or Init blocks for authorization.

What are the options we have to associate a user to a Role/Responsibility in OAC. Can someone point to any best practices in this area for OAC instances integrated with IDCS?

Thank you




  • Manav, 

    SQL providers for authentication are not supported in OAC today, if that was y our question.

    But IDCS should let you import existing groups you may have, have you explored Init Blocks in an RPD that you expose in OAC ? Is that not working ?

  • Hello Philippe,
    I was also thinking on the same lines that we could just import existing groups into IDCS. However, that would mean some change management on our part in the access control area. So I was also exploring if I can continue using the same init-block as well.
    Init block is working. However, I was not sure if it is still advisable to use them.  I remember that users of OBI on-premise were advised to get away from it in the past when OBI 11g was released.
    Is it OK to continue using init blocks to populate the ROLE session variable?
    Thanks for your response.
  • Manav, you are right, I just checked further internally within Oracle, using Init block here is not advised by Oracle (should not work as I hear).