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Oracle DV Desktop - How to change data from text to date in GUI

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How to convert text fields into dates with data that has null or "-" or ""


Hi, I'm new to DV and coming up against some issues with the data set I've imported to a new project.  Using the DV Desktop app - when looking at the table of data and I click on the column header I get some options.  One of those options is to "Convert to Date...".  I then get a popup window and when I try to convert the data I face a number of issues.

1) First issue is that the convert option fails as it can't handle "" or null data fields.
2) Second issue is the date conversion is very limited and doesn't support the valid date data that exists in the field such as, failing on "9-Jan-17" for a date format of "dd-MMM-yy"  - (it of course works fine for dates that have 2 digits for the dd part such as 19-Jan-17).  I've tried other date formats but to no avail.

Any help would be great!





  • Solved - it was a data quality issue.  Once I changed the CSV data to have all dates as dd-MMM-yy format, I am able to convert the field to a date field without issue. 

    Somewhat surprising the Oracle DV app doesn't support this no doubt very common data convert issue, ie automatically from d-MMM-yy to dd-MMM-yy