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Chart count orders Create date vs Closed date in the same chart - ODV Oracle Data Visualization

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I have been able to create the information only in 2 different chart one to Counting Creation date and other to Close date

I need to create one chart with the information of how many orders have been created vs how many was closed in one month. and would be perfect to have a third line with the gap on every month (the diference of every line).

Im able to do that only in to different charts, there is no option to make the count on those 2 option at the same chart (image attached).

This need to be a new feature or some one have a solution?





  • It is possible to create a criteria to count considering the column of create and the other count the close date. Unfortunately all the count consider only one of the column at the same graphic.

  • Hello Jonathan

    one way to achieve this is to build a canonical time dimension. ie a time dimension that you consider as the reference, to join with other time attributes.

    - if your source data is into an OAC repository (Subject Area), then you can design the RPD metadata to achieve this. Its one of the modelling capabilities of OAC. But let me assume you are trying to do this with simple DV datasources, ie no repository Subject Area.

    - if your source is a simple file or database table : then you need to model this in DV. The simplest way is to duplicate your source and 'self-join it on date'. I have built an example which I post in this post under a DVA format (pwd = Admin123). In my example, I user order lines dataset twice. One dataset I called Sample Order Lines, the other one Shipped Order Lines. Same exact data. I have joined the two dataset using the two dates, per the first image below. Both dates have to match, it must not be hours and days, it must be days and days etc. In this case, I will consider my first file date, Order Day to be the reference date, I can add this to my query, and request the count of order lines from both  datasources, they will show me orders booked and orders shipped on the same chart. See second picture below.

    There may be other ways to do this, but this should help you get there rapidly only with DV modelling.

    Let me know if not what you needed


    Untitled picture1.png

  • and here is the DVA file incase you can deploy directly on your environment. PWD= Admin123

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Philippe,

    Thanks i lot but my case it is a little bit different, I have only one spreedsheet and there I have one order with the creation date and the close date. I have to count how many I create in January and how many was closed. One order can be created and close in the same month or took some months to be closed. Or if still open close date will blank so will not part.

    I have been able to create the graphic using the copy but I have to include the rows of close date and the open date and 2 count. the problem is that axix x apears the month 2 times.

    I will tried to do a sample creating some random data and import the DVA

  • Hi Jonathan, even if you have only one spreadsheet, you can upload it twice as two different datasets. That's what my example was about.

    hope you were able to get there, let me know if not.