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OAC Load Testing

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How do we perform a load test on OAC


Is there any software/tool to perform a load testing in OAC environment ? 

Wondering open source software like jmeter will work if OAC deployed with IDCS.

Appreciate your comments.


  • Are you talking about OAC (autonomous) or OAC Classic?

    Classic has SSH access and all APIs are exposed so you can script literally anything you want.

  • Nila
    Nila ✭✭✭

    Hi Chris,

    I guess its classic, not sure exactly what our implementer going to implement for us.

    Actually I want to know whether Oracle provides any front end load testing tool. Not using SSH or back-end scripts developed by us.
    Since it's Oracle cloud I would imagine they should have standard pre-build  load testing tool or recommend software to generate end user load.

    We are implementing OAC with IDCS federated. So what ever the tool should be able to perform SSO and run reports to simulate user activities.

    By the way please let me know where I can find difference between classic and autonomous OAC.


  • Classic = Pretty much OBIEE in the cloud meaning FULL administrative access. Here you can do load testing. And no, there is no testing tool in the front end.

    Autonomous = As serverless as you can get. No administrative access. It's up. It runs. You use it. Period. No load testing, hardly any APIs. It's for consumption, not a enterprise-ready analytics platform with countless interfaces and admin options. That's precisely the point of "autonomous".

    Also your implementer should communicate with you on these things. As the client you should be made aware of these aspects.