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Formula help with Percentage

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Formula help with Percentage


i have a table, body_parts_injured,

date of incident // body part

1/1/2018 // arm

1/3/2018 // arm

1/5/2018 // eye

1/6/2018// eye

1/6/2018 // eye

etc. throughout the year of 2018.

i want to create a formula to show 

count of body_parts_injured/total count for table

so in my simple mind from caption above

arm:  2/5 = 40%

eye: 3/5 = 60%

how do i create a formula to do this? thank you



OAC 18



  • on the left, i was able to get it to work in a pivot table,but the options:  DISPLAY AS: PERCENT OF      AND PERCENT OF:  ROW VALUES  does not show up in a LINE CHART.  so i am at a loss.


  • Hi Robert, 

    If you are on the latest version of OAC, then you can use a 100% stacked bar to see the values as a percentage. 


    Alternately, if you want to use a line chart and see various "body part" values as a percentage , for every month, you can use the following calculation construct.

    cast(Value as Double) /sum( Value by month(date))


    Hope this helps.





  • Lalitha, your answer worked for me! thank you VERY MUCH! 

    and yes, i can also use the STACKED BAR CHART as well. i found that after i posted this and that is a great solution to.

    here is what i ended using for my formula:

    i had a field called Total_Count which just has a 1 for each row.

    Total_Count /sum( Total_Count by month(date_of_incident))

    works perfectly!