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Create a dropdown to include or exclude a bunch of column values

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dropdown to filter on column values


Hi all,

I have a dashboard(in BI Answers) where I am looking to add a dropdown-to include or exclude a bunch of column values.

If the user picks include, I want these bunch of values(all from one column) included in the analysis. If they pick exclude, the values should be filtered out. I am able to create a calculated item(group) and include or exclude these values.

But how do I make the user pick these as an option?



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  • Hello Data Viz

    in Answers (OBIEE), when designing dashboards prompts you have the option to let the end-user choose the operator. See attached picture. That shows the prompt with two fields, one to let the user pick the operator he wants, another with the member values to pick from like regular prompts.

    hope this helps with your question




  • Thanks. This is helpful.

    I want to be able to provide only 2 options for selection. Either include a group of 5 values(all from one column), or exclude them all at once. Include or exclude(but  group of 5 values together). How would I do this?

  • There probably exist other ways to do this (not sure) but one that comes to my mind is using a prompt to set a presentation variable (vanilla option in the prompt definition) :

    your prompt has two text choices for the user : include or exclude. These choices get passed on by the prompt to a pres variable 'PX' that you create. Then that pres variable value is consumed used by the definition of your filters in the report : case when @{PX} = include then 'value1, value2, value3...' 

    That will require a bit of extra work / trying in your filter setup, but will work robustly on your dashboard.

    Note that you can combine multiple pres variables within a report/filter.

    hope that helps


  • Thanks. Where would I write up the conditional statement to filter on the presentation variable?. Will this be the first filter in selections steps?

  • The conditional statement has to exist in the definition of the answer report filter. Attached is a short gif video showing you one place where you may configure it.


    Answer Filter using Case.gif