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Oracle Data Visualization directly connected to PBCS with a native adaptor

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Oracle Data Visualization direct connect to PBCS


When will the native adaptor for PBCS be available in OAC - DV?

NOT using the RPD method, creating a subject area, etc.



  • I think Philippe Lions is monitoring this forum. He should be able to give an update on that.

    Regarding your tag of this post "OAC Standard Edition" - what do you call the "Standard Edition"?

  • Hello Gary and Christian

    From what I know as of now, RPD remains the mainstream solution to connect DV with PBCS. May I ask more details as to what is driving the need for an alternative to RPD in this case ? Let me know, this will help



  • Hi Phillippe

    I would like to weigh in on this.

    1. The RPD does not respect PBCS hierarchies. When you connect to PBCS via RPD, it flattens the data set. You would then have to reconstruct the hierarchies in the RPD to match what is in PBCS; the RPD admin then needs to ensure the hierarchies stay in sync with any changes that happen in PBCS. This is an excessive effort that makes it not worth it to use OAC with PBCS.

    2. While having the RPD respect the hierarchies would make it a workaround, it would still be a disconnected process that relies on older "on-premise" technology to bridge two cloud products (I know the RPD runs in OAC, but it is still OBIEE). Ultimately the experience of using DV with PBCS should be similar to other cloud products where there are direct connectors. DV has an Essbase connector and PBCS runs on Essbase, it seems like this shouldn't be an insurmountable task requiring a large development effort.

    I can tell you that while we are still evaluating OAC and moving towards purchasing prod instances, if DV connected to PBCS natively we would already have a large user base on it. This is the one of the top requests we get from PBCS customers, "how do I use Tableau with PBCS". This would be a great opportunity to flip them from Tableau to DV, rather than see them try to extract data out of PBCS and stage it for use with Tableau.

    There is an existing Bug open for this #26936310

    I've personally spoken to a number of individuals about this including Gabby, TK, Marc Seewald, and Matt Bradley. I would love to see this start to get some traction.

    Feel free to reach out directly if you have more questions, otherwise if you are going to be at AnD Summit 3/12 we can catchup there.