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Fusion ERP data in DV

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Hi ,

I see only the seeded oracle subject areas in Fusion ERP comes up in DV. But I have a custom subject area in Fusion ERP. That doesn't show up.

Is there any other ways to bring in Fusion ERP data to DV because the subject areas in Fusion ERP doesn't give me all the neccessary data. I need to have my own custom SQL query created as custom subject area bought into DV....


Please let me know if anyone of you have tried to pull Fusion ERP data ? Please advice any other apporach too.




  • You can use Data sync and upload data to oracle analytics cloud. In data sync you can write your own custom logical query for fusion cloud and extract data and further load it into the analytics cloud.

    If you want raw data i would recommend to use the BI CCC console to extract data fro mthe data marts itself and use it to form custom datamarts in your warehouse.


    Siddharth Dang