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MDX YTD formula

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not able to calc YTD members


Hi All,

we have a req. where we need to get the YTD value of current member(Select Member), so have a alternative Time hier which is called YTD

attached the hier,

EX: if users select SEP month, we need to get data for YTDSEP data and calculate a member, so I tried almost all the possibilities

Parent ([YTD].CurrentMember), result : its taking currentmember instead of Parent member  

Ancestor([YTD].CurrentMember,1), result: its taking currentmember instead of Parent member  

also tried concat but prefix(YTD_SEP) YTD is in the beginning, concat will only if YTD is suffix(SEP_YTD)

also tried sum, but we have more then two intersections it did not worked





  • GlennS_3
    GlennS_3 ✭✭✭

    Have you considered splitting it into two dimensions?  Adding an analytics or "View" dimension where you load all of the data to MTD and calculate QTD and YTD. That way the user has flexibility in what they see.

    I did not see  the attachment of the outline structure to see what you have

  • attaching the time hier..

    at this stage we not in a position to split the dim.. but we have an alternative YTD hier...

    we need this function to use in MDX calc