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Initialization blocks in OAC

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OAC capability for custom table authentication using Init blocks.


Hi All,

We are yet to start upgrading from OBIEE to OAC.

In OBIEE, currently customer using external table for additional row level security. This was implemented using Init blocks. 

This is very critical requirement and the same functionality should be followed in Oracle Analytics Cloud. I 'am not sure how we can achieve this in OAC.

Really appreciate your responses. Thank you for your help in advance.








OAC Enterprise Edition - 18.3.3-122


  • Hey Shyam,

    The same init blocks can be replicated in OAC RPD as well to implement the row level security.

    Let me know if you need any further clarifications.



    Aman Jain

  • Thanks Aman.

    Can you please provide steps/documents to implement this scenario in OAC?

    As I mentioned in my post, current system is using external table authentication for row level security.

    Thanks again,



  • Exactly the same way as in on-premises OBI. You put the table into a database your RPD can access and that's it.

  • Thanks Christian.

    This is a hybrid implementation. Connecting OAC to on-premise DB. Row level security still works with Init blocks using custom table for authorization?  Please provide your comments.


  • Doug Ross
    Doug Ross ✭✭✭✭

    If the custom table is referenced by an init block and that custom table is in an on-premise database, then the physical connection used by the init block will need to have the proper Remote Data Connector configuration referencing the Java Data Source in your on-premise Weblogic Server.  

    If the init block is just accessing that table and populating session variables to use in the row level filtering, then as long as the physical connection via RDC works, it should work fine.