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Data Visualization - Oracle Analytics - Training

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Session on Data Visualization - Oracle Analytics


Hope this is published by Oracle team and it is free. It has details for setting up the environment and practice sessions (with sample data)



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    Gracias por la aportación.


  • Yes, it's published by us and is actually our first Oracle Analytics course published on an eLearing platform (MOOC methodology). And is free :)

    We have 5 sections published so far:
    1. Course Introduction
    2. Build your First Data Visualization Project with Oracle Analytics
    3. Data Preparation and Augmented Enrichments of Data Set
    4. Story Telling and Collaborating your Discovery Project
    5. Advanced Visualization to Generate Deeper Insights

    And 5 more to come; soon, real soon :)

    6. Connecting to Different Data Sources with Oracle Analytics
    7. Data Flow Deep-dive with Oracle Analytics
    8. Advanced Analytics Made Easy with Oracle Analytics
    9. Machine Learning with Oracle Analytics
    10. Top 10 Features worth knowing about Oracle Analytics

    Please go to Udemy, take the course, rate it and get back with your comments. That will help us to improve the content and make it more relevant for you.

    We appreciate your feedback and support!

  • Thanks for the link, very useful