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Connect Oracle Analytics Cloud to Autonomous Data Warehouse

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Error while trying to set-up connection to Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse in Oracle Analytics Cloud


Dear all

I successfully set-up an Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC) trial instance and an Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse (OADW) trial instance.

I created two different connections to OADW:

  1. one in OAC "Data" component to use in Data Flow and Data Visualisation
  2. one in OAC "Service Console" to use as the source for the Data Modeler

The first one could work successfully, but when I try to Test the second connection, it gives me the error "IO Error: got minus one from a read call".

In both cases, I've used the wallet file download from OADW to create the connection.

Great thanks in advance for your help.





  • Brian666H
    Brian666H ✭✭✭✭✭

    Connections / Source-Targets / Edit 

    Check your URL and JDBC Driver

  • RV
    RV ✭✭

    I could sort it. I was using the wrong TNS connection string. I copied the string from the OADW DB connection page and pasted it to the OAC connection editor.

    I've found the right TNS string within the OADW Connection Wallet that I've downloaded and that has worked successfully.