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How to find last execution time of a BI Publisher Report

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How to find last execution time of a BI Publisher Report



We are building a report to send Payables transaction data out from SaaS. Our requirement is that next time when this report runs, it should consider transactions created after the last run of the report. It appears that the FUSION_BIPLATFORM.XMLP_SCHED_JOB table is not available for Cloud customers which could have helped in getting the last run date.

Is there a way around this issue?





  • Hi Vivek,

    The last execution time can be seen in the Report job history page




  • You can create a custom ESS job definition and schedule the BI Publisher job from ESS.

    Enterprise Scheduler Service (ESS) Custom BIP Job Implementation for an Existing Fusion Application (Doc ID 1372738.1)

    The last ESS job run details can be found from the table "ESS_REQUEST_HISTORY" based on the Job Name and Status. 

    Sample query:
    SELECT MAX(processstart)  FROM ess_request_history  WHERE definition LIKE '%ESS_JOB_DEFINITION_NAME%'  and executable_status = 'SUCCEEDED'

    Note - Please test thoroughly in test env.

  • You can try following 2 options:
    1) Check the Bi Publisher scheduler Diagnostic Log file (to get this log file generated, when scheduling it, in Diagnostic tab, check Enable Consolidated Diagnostic Log. This can be located by going into Report Job History page, locate the schedule, drill down on it and download Diagnostic Log file).

    2) Check this as well - What steps need to be performed to implement Usage Tracking of report and analyses execution for OTBI/OBIA and BI Publisher (Doc ID 1532638.1)

    Cheers!Report Job Diagnostics


  • Note on this one it will only work when you schedule a report not run ad hod, so this will have to be added as a business process to only schedule (best to set up a job that runs daily/weekly/monthly)