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Dashboard frame conditions fail

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Trying to apply a condition for a frame in a dashboard fails both during the test and runtime with "Assertion Error"


How could they have messed up the very basic feature that has been in OBIEE since when it belonged to Siebel? It is so basic and critical that it's used widely in dashboards, when one needs to substitute report layouts based on the prompt selection.

When I add a new Condition to a frame in a dashboard, based on the number of row returned by another analythis, either in Test Condition or runtime I get "Assertion failure: rTable.getMetadata().getFieldInfo(0).getDataType().getStorageType() == SQLDataType::kStorageOracleNumber at line 1802 of project/webquerymanager/queryengineimpl.cpp ".

Since it's listed in the known issues document, I would like to know the bug number, so I could check the progress of solving the issue. Since there is no workaround, it is super-critical problem.


OAC 105.3.0-120