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OAC Answers Prompt Passing Truncated String

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Prompt is trimming values from a column and passing them, causing Dashboard failure


Has anyone else encountered an issue where values in a Dashboard prompt are truncated, which then causes the Dashboard to fail?
For example, in the column that the prompt is built from I have the value, "Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs."
The prompt shows, "Provost & Vice Chancellor for Acad" which I thought was just a display adjustment for the drop-down;
however, after my dashboard kept failing, I reviewed the SQL log and it is actually passing the truncated value. The drop-down is dynamic and not a fixed pixel width. The shortened string also appears in graphs and legends if, for example, I select (All Column Values) and the Dashboard can successfully generate.




  • Hello Nathanael,

    Can you check the column size that you have defined in the database and RPD physical column, it looks like this string "Provost & Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs." is exceeding the column size which is being defined.

    If the size is not an issue then I would request you to post some screenshots or an archive of your report so that I can have a look at my end.

    Best Regards,

    Aman Jain


  • Unfortunately, I don't believe I have the ability to define a column width because of how the data set is created and where it exists. It is created from an OTBI subject area; however, your comment has lead to me think about how my manipulation of data be running afoul of the column width defined in the transactional DB. I will look more into that. Thank you.