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BI Publisher Bursting - failure log?

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Looking for logs of BI Publisher failures


Working in BI Publisher 12c.  Created a bursting definition (SQL) in a data model.  I deliberately introduced an error in that SQL, creating PARAMATER1 instead of PARAMETER1.  When I submitted the job, it failed, as expected.

In this particular case, I KNOW where the error was, because I deliberately put it there.  But what if I didn't know why the job failed?  When a BI Pub bursting job fails, where is that failure logged so that we can try to diagnose the reason for the failure?  I don't see it in any log that I know of.  In this particular case, the query itself was logged in the query log - it was sent to the database and data was returned.  But is the reason for the job's failure logged somewhere else?




  • FPonte
    FPonte ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi Mthompson.

    Did you try looking at the BI Publisher log?

    Should be on the following folder: BI Publisher: [DOMAIN_HOME]/servers/bi_server1/logs/bipublisher/bipublisher.log

    Another option is to get the View Engine Log file from the Data Model and investigate if there are no errors there.