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How to Rename a Dashboard Within OAC?

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Looking for help on how to rename a dashboard within OAC


I am unable to locate information on how to rename an OAC dashboard. We just finished some preliminary costing results and have identified a few issues in the data so I want to rename the dashboard with some descriptors that the data is preliminary so the end users know. The 'Rename' function is grayed out as an option on the dashboard. Anyone know how I can rename it? Attached is a screen shot of what I am seeing on my end. Thank you!

OAC Dashboard Rename Screen Capture 2-3-2020.JPG


  • Is that a Dashboard Page object? Because  "Dashboard" object doesn't have any "Edit" option at all.

    And what kind of permissions are set on that object and which ones does your user effectively have?

  • You don't have the permissions. Also the fact you aren't allowed to click on "Delete" point to a permission issue: you can probably consume it (open) but not edit (and renaming is editing or new+delete).

  • Thanks, Christian. I believe this is not a dashboard object, it is the main dashboard which has several pages built on it. Good question about permissions. On my profile one of the roles I am assigned is also 'BI Service Administrator' which I thought would give me permissions to edit/rename/delete, etc. I just check with one of our other administrators with similar permissions and he was able to rename the item for me..... Looks like I need to figure out my permissions to make sure it is working how we intended. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

  • Hmmm either you're not the same kind of admin (some custom stuff going on there) OR the object was owned by that other admin and everybody but him was explicitly excluded in terms of permissions.

  • Thank you, Gianni. You also got me pointed in the right direction to take a look at the permissions. Turns out I am assigned the 'BI Service Administrator' role on my profile, but for some reason it is not allowing me to make edits, etc. Our other administrator was able to help me rename it for now....I will need to investigate how our roles and permissions are working. Thank you!

  • Great question. Our implementation consultants, Evosys, had created this dashboard and set it up... I think there is a good chance there are some custom settings that we will need to look at adjusting to work the way we need it. They were the owners of this one and I have noticed some custom settings on other areas. We will poke around and see what kind of adjustments we may need to make. Thanks!

  • Not to sound too smart, but you should really have a thorough review of what you were "delivered".

    Your case sounds wrong to say the least...

    Happy to help if you want to pick this up

  • Thank you, as a department we have recently discussed a need to at least do a thorough review of all our security permissions. Will keep you in mind and let you know. Much appreciated.