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How to Freeze Rows in Pivots and Tables within OAC?

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Freeze Rows in Pivots and Tables within OAC?


Hi, I have been doing some research to see if there is a way to freeze top rows and/or columns within pivot tables/tables, etc similar to how I can in Excel. I have searched through the manuals and forum and haven't had luck finding anything on this topic. Is anyone able to share how to accomplish this functionality? I have created an analysis with over 100 rows and 40 columns. With all the scrolling required, the headers etc disappear from view. If there is no freeze row functions, any other ways to achieve this? Thank you!


Oracle Business Intelligence


  • Hi Eric,

    I assume you're talking about the Analytics part of OAC and not the DV part. It's geared towards more visual data analysis or differently put: away from long lists. For you that means that while the header of a list with scroll remains fixed but if the whole screen isn't enough to handle the amount of data, then the page scroll will obviously push everything to the top. There is currently no way around this.

    By the way: Are you really still running on Oracle Business Intelligence ?


  • Hi Christian,

    Yes, your assumption is correct I am referring to the analytics part of OAC, not the DV. Thank you for your insight on how the analytics space is geared. I was hoping the functionality is in there, but this is helpful to know. I will re-think how best to present this data in the dashboard for the end user. 

    And yes, I believe we are on At least that is what is currently displayed in the Help>About Oracle BI EE

  • Interesting. Current version is and that menu isn't even there anymore ;)

    As for data densification: Pivots, user-oriented filters (show only absolutely pertinent data), in-line prompts etc. are all good tricks. Or going more visual with Trellis charts and then by clocking on something showing only the detailed data grid for that specific context.

  • I'll have to inquire of our administrator why we are behind on the versions. Perhaps they have a reason they have not upgraded it yet.

    Thanks for the ideas on data presentation. I will explore some of those options and see what might work the best. This particular dashboard is for a corporate exec who wants to see some metrics at the overall per facility average at the corporate level with those same metrics calculated and presented to the right at each facility across the system (approx 25 facilities), so you can see how being able to see all of them listed across to the right would likely cause reason to scroll to the right.