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Create a session variable in RPD in offline mode

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Create a session variable in RPD in offline mode


Hello community, I am creating a session variable with the purpose of being able to apply security at the data level, however when testing in my analytic, it shows me the following error: Status: HY000. Code: 23006. [nQSError: 23006] The session variable has no value definition. (HY000).

In the attachment, I show pictures of how the process of creating the variable was performed.



Code Snippet

HY000. Code: 23006. [nQSError: 23006] The session variable has no value definition. (HY000)


  • I assume the offline RPD has been deployed and therefore your changes with the variable exists online, right?

    Did you try setting a default value for your variable? Does your query return a value for every single user?

    What product are you using exactly?

  • Hi Gianni,

    • Yes, is once I save my changes to the rpd offline, I update it on the server to be able to view the changes online.
    • The version of the product that I am using is the following: Oracle Business Intelligence
    • A default value was set for the variable, but in the analytics it only takes that default value and not the value of the query that the initialization block returns.
    • In the attached image the logged in user should show information about unit number 2.


  • Hello Cesar,

    First, check what does the user system session variable returns from OBIEE front end (Go to analysis -> give session variable 'user' in the edit formula -> results), and now compare this username with the user that is coming from the database table if there is any mismatch in the string eg. uppercase or lowercase difference etc.

    Second, test the initialization block by passing the username manually (attaching the screenshots below for your reference) and see if you get the expected results in RPD if there it fails then you will need to change the init block query accordingly.

    Hope this helps!


    Aman Jain  

  • Hello Aman Jain,
    The result of the query in the initialization block if it returns a value: as shown in the attached image.

    Also perform the validation that you comment in the obiee front end and the result that it shows, is the value that is given by default to the variable.

    therefore in the report that must show specific information of a unit it does not return anything with a specific user.
    Is there any other validation I should perform to display data?