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Dependent DFF Value Problem in Analyticss

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I can not see null values for dependent dff value in report


Hi Dear All,

I use two dff value in purchase order. Those are Member Type and Member. Member Type is independent value but Member dependent on Member Type. In additional they are not required.

I created a analytics from Purchasing Real Time. I added Member Type its okey. But when i added Member. I suppose system start grouping process between member and member type. 

In report, There must be null values for Member type and member. But When i add member column, system filtered automaticly and i couldnt see any null value.

Although I have many records in purchase order has null values Member Type and Member. but When i add Member I see just not null values.

I added two before after picture.

Can you help about it ?

Best Regard 


Oracle Cloud Application 20A