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Code 128 Bar Code not scannable



Hi All, 

We have been showing a reference number as bar code in the BI Publisher RTF Template using 128b formatting.  Based on a new change, we have appended *1234 to the reference number. Once we added this, bar code is no longer identified by the scanner. When we verify through online bar code generators, the bar code is much shorter. I have seen that 128c sub-class can be used for shortening the strings but it doesn't support special characters like *.

Any ideas on how to use 128c but also be able to support the '*' character ?   Also - do we need to register '*1234' as bar code vendor id ? 

We have done the following steps to achieve the bar code:
1. Added a font mapping to Ink Free font to 128 ttf.
2. In the RTF template - element has been marked to use Ink Free font and within BI element properties using <?format-barcode:billAcctRef;'code128b'?>
3. Report output is in pdf, Bar code is displayed but not readable. There is a gap in the bar code with 128c and * being passed (As in attached image). 


Thanks for any pointers.  



image (2).png