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Correlation between number of users and OCPU's



We have a requirement to suggest Oracle Analytics Cloud for 2500 users.

 How many OCPU's should i assign to the instance for 2500users?

 Does number of concurrent users and number of OCPU's correlate each other? For eaxmple, (1 OCPU supports 25 concurrent users).

Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Raghunathan,

    For a deployment like that I would suggest you involve the Oracle sales rep and Oracle Cloud Architect to help you sizing correctly the OAC environment.

    That said, we have the rule of thumb that each OAC OCPU is able to give good service to around 20 concurrent users so e.g. if your 2500 users has a concurency of 10% that would mean 250 concurrent users so around 12 OCPUs. Remember also that you can scale up and down OAC depending on the peak hours, so you could do a weekly or monthly analysis to calculate the real cost for the customer.

    In a more detailed analysis you could look at how many users would download lot of data from the BI (e.g. exporting to excel Answer or Dashboards) as that also overload the OAC instance.

    Hope it helps.


    Juan Diego


  • Thanks Juan. That helps.