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how to customize/define the month start date

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We know that in OAC and DVD, the default month start date is 1st of every month.  How to customize or define the start date? Let's say the start date is 15th of each month then the end date will be 14 of next month.


  • I guess it depends on your use case and where you are trying to define this constant start date of the 15th.

    What function or expression are you using that gives you the default start date of the 1st as a reference?

    You can use constants to include specific dates in expressions:

    DATE [2020-11-15] or TIMESTAMP [2020-11-15 12:00:00] this would calculate based on this date depending on your function or calculation.  Then you may be able to couple that with the TODATE or AGO functions.

    Otherwise, the best and most flexible case would be to create a DATE dimension in your database to define your specific start and end dates for each month and reference those within your Projects.


  • The "proper" way to do this is normally to have a custom date dimension with your company's own date logic.

    OAC and DVD are blackboxed, hard-coded solutions which do not allow this kind of approach.

  • Finally, I added a date offset column in the database.