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Unable to use same dataset with different SQL queries for OAC Canvas in Oracle Analytics Cloud.

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We are trying to put different canvases from the same dataset, for example, we are plotting a piechart using filters emp_id = 1 with an attribute column. The second piechart is being plotted using emp_id = 2, we are getting the same result for both canvases which should not be the case.

How to achieve different canvas results from the same dataset

We are trying to use different SQL queries for different canvases in OAC within same project, whenever we are attempting to do it, the same SQL query is applied for all canvases, is there any way to use different SQL queries for different canvases within same project.




  • How are you setting the filters? 

    Are you pinning the filter ?

    Have you tried Viz specific filters (located in grammar panel not the top)?

  • Hi W Vansluys,

                  We are dragging and dropping attributes from the left(Data) panel onto the canvas. We also tried with Viz specific filters but the result is same for both the cases.


  • Hi Shubham


    Not sure what is happening here. By default, one should be able to apply filters


    1. at visualisation level which will not impact output of other visualisations in the same canvas.
    2. at canvas level which will not impact output of visualisations in any other canvas of the same project.

    Both of the above when using the same dataset int he project. Have just tested it and works ok. using OAC V5.9.

    I can take a look more in detail if you can share screenshots of

    1. Available values in the filter of the first canvas and result after selecting filter value

    2. Available values in filter of second canvas and its result after selecting filter value



  • We have created the table name chatbot_2 with attributes ID, ANSWER, EMP_ID, Q_ID, S_ID, THE_DATE . We are trying to create piechart where we are filtering emp_id 1 and on the basis of emp_id, we want to project percentage of each and every answers.

    The screenshot shows the calculation(100 * count(ANSWER)/sum(count(ANSWER))) in the values(slice) section and the answer attribute is inside the category and colors section. The errors that we are getting from the piechart are :

    The values in the ANSWER column of emp_id are not completely shown in the piechart and the captions being shown below piechart (1000,2,5,60,YES) are not appropriate, it should show ANSWERS such as (Weakness, Diabetes) etc.


  • Hi,

    OK - This sounds like a different issue to the earlier issue you mentioned where one filter on a canvas was affecting visualisations on the second canvas (which should not happen). Can you please confirm that filters on two separate canvases are working independently as expected before we dive into the issue with the data rendered in the visualisation? 




  • Hi Kiran,

    Yes, Filters are on two separated canvas working independently, but results are not showing as expected. We have two canvases, in canvas one we have put filter as emp_id = 2 and same for emp_id = 1 in canvas two, but on cross verifying in database via sql query, all values are not showing in visualization. The values which we getting from database gets summed or get averaged by default, so not able to categorized for different filters.

    We have created calculation formula, that will give me percentage value in visualization.

    Below are the word file with screenshots for your reference.


  • Hi kiran,


    Can we convert below sql query:

    SQL QUERY:  "select ANSWER, count(*) value from chatbot_1 where emp_id = 1 group by ANSWER"

    in custom my_calculation i need the values which are coming in from  above sql query's value column.

    can we do this?