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Help : Unable to create a new OAC instance in the Free Tier

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I am Unable to create a new OAC instance in the Free Tier, getting an error message You exceeded the following service limits: Enterprise Edition OCPUs. Please submit a request to increase your serv


I registered for the OCI Free Tier, I tried to created a  new OAC instance from Solutions and Platform -> Analytics

Picked Enterprise Analytics with 4 OCPUs , but i keep hitting the exception You exceeded the following service limits: Enterprise Edition OCPUs. Please submit a request to increase your service limit.

appreciate your help.


  • Hi,

    It's a free tier account. It has some service limits.

    For detailed information about the Always Free resources, see Details of the Always Free Resources.

    You can find your tenancy’s limits for Always Free resources in the Console. To check these limits: Open the navigation menu. Under Governance and Administration, go to Limits, Quotas and Usage.


  • I would like to add that there is no OAC in the free tier category (
    You should be able to create an OAC using your Trial Credits. If you can't, it might be a limits issue, as mentioned by Elói

  • Hi Eloi

    I checked the Governance and Administration and noticed that analytics resources are not allocated in the free tier, can i assume that the OAC is not provisioned with the free tier.

    Description Limit Name Service Limit Usage AvailableAvailability tooltip   Row Header
    Enterprise Edition OCPUs ee-ocpu-count 0 0 0 analytics-ee-ocpu-count
    Enterprise Edition Total Users ee-user-count 0 0 0 analytics-ee-user-count
    Professional Edition OCPUs se-ocpu-count 0 0 0 analytics-se-ocpu-count
    Professional Edition Total Users se-user-count 0 0 0