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How to tell when Data is Refreshed in a Project

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Summary: Looking for a way to add to each project or canvas some type of code that can tell the user when the data set was last refreshed

Content (required): I've seen postings in the past on this topic but essentially I'm looking to provide an easy visual for users of my projects and canvas to know when the data was last refreshed. Whether it's refreshed from a file OR refreshed from a connection to Oracle directly.

Version (include the version you are using, if applicable): 6.3

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  • Hi, we reviewed your comment. It's something we are looking to implement. Please submit this idea in the idea lab, depending on the number of votes, we might prioritize this request.

  • FPonte
    FPonte ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi DiDio.

    Suggested workaround for you.

    Every dataset that I create in a project, I have an attribute called LAST_UPDATED or MODIFIED_DATE. If you use a dataflow to save the dataset you can create a save that attribute within the dataset.

    OR that attribute can be populated into a Fact table if you have a data warehouse, in a reporting table or even in a control table that has the single purpose to tell when your data was refreshed (all of those can be incorporated in your ETL process).

    Once you have that, you can then expose the value somewhere in your canvas.

    Hope that helps.

    Best Regards.