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When will we be able to export all access information via an API?

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Summary: OAC 6.4 security export is manual

Content (required): The OAC 6.4 release now lets us export security information to a csv file. The release notes say 'There is an option to download membership data for users, groups, and application roles to a comma-delimited (CSV) file. This data is useful for auditing purposes and to find out exactly who has what access.'

This would be useful if we didn't have to do each user, group or role individually. There doesn't appear to be a way to export all users, groups and roles. You have to click into each user, group and role manually to run a query to get the data. I have over 2000 users and 41 groups in IDCS. Only a very small number of them have access to OAC. Having to do this one user at a time makes this useless for reporting or auditing purposes.

I probably would do this for application roles but, even with only 7 native roles and 6 custom roles, it's too much manual clicking. And I still won't know what they actually can access in OAC since I haven't found a way to get a report showing what users, groups, roles have access to what objects (Data sets, Workbooks, Analyses, Dashboards, folders, etc.).

When will we be able to export all access information via an API?

Version (include the version you are using, if applicable): 6.4

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