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Upgrading to a paid account is not working

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Five hours ago, I attempted to switch my Oracle Cloud account to a paid account. Credit card was accepted. I've never received the confirmation email, and the site at site just spins forever - I can't get past the spinning circle. And when I tried to ask about it in chat, I got this little unhelpful message: "Your tenancy is not eligible for live agent support. You must upgrade to a paid account to access live agent support." Well, what if that's what I'm trying to do????? C'mon, Oracle!!

Who do I turn to for help?


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  • Hi, please could you confirm if you opened an SR? Can you also provide your email by private message?

  • I have exactly the same problem! I also tried to switch from free-tier to a paid account, but in my case a spinning circle stays for a minute and then a notification pops up "Something went wrong while trying to upgrade your account. Please try again, or contact Oracle Global Sales."

  • I have the same problem, but for me it says that "Your account upgrade is in progress.".

    I started the process in Jun 19 2023. Today is Jun 28 and nothing happened.

    How much time it is supposed to take?


  • Posting in an Oracle Analytics forum for a generic cloud account issue, don't expect an answer...

    Look at how to contact support for your cloud account and follow that path.

  • I'm trying to contact support.

    But with a free account, the system says I need to upgrade to be able to contact support.

    And I'm not able to upgrade. It is taking forever. That is the problem.

    The only option I had was post something here in the forum, hoping someone could help me.

    But, thank you very much for trying to help me.

  • There are multiple forums (don't try to understand, it's like for 10+ years).

    You should try to post in a category in , there are some generic cloud categories. But that one as well is a public, community, forum: there is no guarantee somebody from Oracle will see your post.

    Did you try from inside the cloud account (if you still can login) to use the chat? In the chat you have an option "chat with a live agent" that get you a human (maybe).

  • The first thing I've tried.

    When I try chat with a live agent, i get the message bellow.

    "Your tenancy is not eligible for live agent support. You must upgrade to a paid account to access live agent support. In the meantime, please post your question in our OCI community forums. Someone on our support team or a community member will contact you in 2 hours or less, on average.

    We're expanding our content to cover more topics and provide more accurate answers, and your feedback helps us improve. For more information about support options, see Getting Help and Contacting Support."

    So I've clicked on "OCI community forums" and here I am.

    I think something wrong occurred with my upgrade. But, to contact the support I need upgrade first. haha

  • I was able to create a SR there!

    Let's see if anyone help me there.

    Thank you very much for your help!