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OAC connection to Essbase without RDG?

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Summary: When will OAC be able to connect to Essbase directly or through Private Access Channel instead of requiring Remote Data Gateway?

Content (required): Currently it seems that OAC 6.4 connections to Essbase 21.3 MP require Data Gateway enabled in OAC and RDG running on a server. This is a requirement even if the OAC and Essbase instances are in the same private VCN. The RDG requirement is becoming a roadblock for us. When will OAC be able to connect directly to Essbase?

Version (include the version you are using, if applicable): OAC 6.4, Essbase 21.3 MP

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  • GlennS_3
    GlennS_3 ✭✭✭

    OAC can connect directly to 21.3 marketplace. You need RDC only to connect to an on-prem Essbase instance. In the connection to Essbase use the URL you typically use https://servername/essbase but add /agent to the end of it

  • Jerry Ursetti
    Jerry Ursetti ✭✭✭✭

    That's what we've been trying but we get a connection error.

    Failed to save the connection.

    Invalid connection details were supplied. Please enter the correct details and try again.

    We're going to the load balancer url.

  • Is the connection via SSL? This could be a certificate issue in that case.

  • Jerry Ursetti
    Jerry Ursetti ✭✭✭✭

    It is a cert issue. But it's kind of complicated. We have OAC and Essbase deployed in private subnets in our VCN. Our internal certs are self-signed. OAC can't connect to the load balancer in the private subnet because of that. So, we have to connect via the public load balancer in place for EPRCS connections. But OAC can't connect via the public address so we have to update with the public load balancers private IP addresses. It's rather convoluted.

  • Hi Jerry. As things stand, the LBR cert must be signed by a well-known public CA for the connection to work. We are looking at adding settings so that the server certificate is not validated for trust for this type of connection. I don't have a date for this feature as it's not yet committed.

    Aside from that, if connecting via a public LBR is an option for you, I wonder if there is a DNS solution that would let you connect via PAC to the public LBR address - perhaps you have already tried this. I'm thinking - if the FQDN for the public LBR is listed in the PAC config, and the DNS is configured to resolve the FQDN to the public IP, and if the public LBR has a public signed certificate, does that work?

  • Jerry Ursetti
    Jerry Ursetti ✭✭✭✭

    Adam, We figured out how to get this to work. It's complicated for us because we have to go through the public LB, which is in a public Subnet. The LB DNS alias is configured using the public IP address. But OAC, which is in a private subnet, cannot reach the public LB via the public IP. We can't change the networking or firewalls to enable this so we have to find the private IPs (there are 2) for the public LB, create a new DNS alias pointing to those IPs and a new public certificate for the new alias.

    We got this working with a test Essbase instance. For some reason there have been delays in getting the private IPs (we had to open an SR) and internal IT delays getting this configured for our prod and non prod Essbase instances. But we're close.