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List of physical joins in the RPD

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Is there a way we can get the list of all physical joins defined in the OAC RPD? Repository documentation tool is giving lineage from physical layer till presentation layer. But join conditions are missing. Any way of getting entire list of physical joins?

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OAC BI Administrator tool

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  • There is no straight forward option, one way is to convert RPD in to XML and then use notepad++ to get the join details. But, it's tedious.

  • You can easily export a list into a CSV if you open your RPD in the Model Administration Tool.

    Go in the "Tools" menu and select the "Query Repository".

    There you will need to make 2 queries.

    One for the type "Physical Foreign Key" to get the the "simple joins".

    You can export the result into a CSV and you can click on "Columns..." to display the "Join expression" which will contain the join condition.

    The second query is for the type "Complex Join" the get the complex joins.

    There as well the column "Join expression" will give you the join condition.

    There are maybe other columns you will find useful to return before to save as CSV, I never looked at all the options as I generally only needed the expression.

  • @Gianni Ceresa Suggestion will work. You need type * in the name, you will get all joins list. By default only limited columns will be shown, you can select required columns from the Columns list.

  • And you don't even need * in the name, just leave it empty and click "Query". Without a name you search for it return all of them by default (at least in the 2023 Jan Admintool, but I doubt somebody did change the behavior in the meantime).