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Import of MVs in OAC rpd

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How can we import Materialized Views in OAC rpd ?

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There is a requirement where we have created lot of MVs in DB . In rpd we need to join those MVs with the facts . But currently we don't see an option to import MV in RPD . It supports views . How can we acheive this ?

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  • MVs works just fine in the RPD, are you saying you can't see them anywhere when using the import wizard? Did you check if they aren't shown with tables or with views or just anywhere else?

    Of course you can always define them manually, but it does take some more work (you could generate the needed code with SQL, but if it's a one-time need it will probably be easier to add them by hand).

  • I just managed to do a quick test: a materialized view will be seen by the import wizard as a table.

    They are there inside the list and don't have a different icon or anything, that's maybe why you didn't see them.

  • Thanks for the response . Actually I was expecting a check box for MV same like tables/views .

    Reason being there are lot of tables in the DBs as compared to MVs . So if there was a way where we can only see MVs that would have been more beneficial .

  • Use the "Find" filter on top of the list, if you have a fixed naming convention giving all MVs a fixed prefix / suffix, the job is done.

    A materialized view isn't very different from a table, and that's why it isn't shocking for the wizard to mix the 2 kind of objects. In the end from an OBIEE point of view they do behave in the same way.

    A view is still something else because it is slower to access, the logic should be executed every time you query it. That's why, for me, it does make sense to split them into a separate checkbox (because one should really be sure to want views as sources).

    Keeping it short: no checkbox to select only the objects of type MV, they behave as a table and they are in the list of tables for the wizard.

  • Hey Anirban,

    Any MV you create will show up as a normal table in RPD. Nothing special is required for the same.


    Siddharth Dang