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Action Links not working

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In the below report, I have 3 columns (2 with column selectors & 1 hidden), and one hierarchical column.

The 2 columns with column selector are hidden by default.

There are action links do not work when we just have the hierarchical column visible, and, the other 2 columns hidden.

However, when we add one of the columns or both using the column selector, the action links work.

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Is this a known limitation? Has anyone come across this scenario before?

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  • You have an analysis (a report is a BIP report) and when you say the action links do not work, what do you exactly mean?

    What are the actions expected? Do the actions happen but with wrong values? Do the actions not happen at all? Do the actions reference in any possible way values from the columns behind the columns selectors?

  • Hi Gianni,

    The action link does not work at all. Yes, the action opens a report where the columns in the column selector are prompted.

  • Are the action links "Navigate to BI Content" or "Navigate to a Web Page" ? Because both can be used to open an analysis (or you really mean a report as in BIP report?)

    (Trying to get a full picture of your current use case)

  • Hi Gianni,

    Action links are "Navigate to BI Content". The report is on OAC Classic. The Action link is to a Dashboard page or a individual report. Neither works.

    Another curious behaviour is, if the order of the columns are changed, so the hierarchical column is outermost, followed by the other columns after it, the action link works as expected.

    Order of columns for which the action link works

  • Hi Amrita,

    I have seen such behavior. Any columns whose information needs to be passed into drill reports need to be present in the report and not in exclusions. Either they can be hidden or visible.

    In your case, if the columns are part of the hierarchy that you have attached, those columns are not required.

    Also, in most cases if you face issues with a natural drill (Drill functionality which happens due to RPD-defined hierarchy), it is either because of something wrongly defined in an RPD hierarchy like a key or a join or beause of wrong data.

    These things started getting highlighted in OAC 6.0 onwards due to added restrictions in these versions on RPD side, old code starts to behave wrongly.


    Siddharth Dang

  • Hi Siddharth,

    The issue is with an Action link(Navigate to BI Content), not for a natural drill.

  • I didn't try the use case you described, but because your actions aren't referencing any column in an hardcoded way but just sending the context of the click to the target, the action links should work even when there is no value to send (action links generally send columns' values on their left, but no column available should still open the target without filtering it with any value).

    If the behavior you see is that you click the action link and nothing happen, I would raise it as a bug. An action link of type "Navigate to BI Content" must always navigate to the target content (as long as you have the required privileges on the catalog objects, but it isn't a problem in your situation), when there are columns or not.

    A random guess of why it doesn't work is because your columns technically exists, but they are column selectors and have no values, and maybe when trying to get the context to be sent to the target the code face an unhandled exception (because it did expect to find some values) and that also break the action link (it's maybe just a javascript error, don't you see something in your browser's console when your action link doesn't work?).